Family Dental Care in Spokane with Dr. Von R. Tracy

Quality dental care can improve your health and keep your smile lasting for a lifetime. At the family dental office of Von Tracy, DDS, we offer an array of preventive and restorative treatments to aid in achieving the best version of your smile. Call our practice and schedule an appointment with your Spokane, WA dentist today!

Prevention and Routine Care

The best defense against dental issues is prevention. Our practice takes the necessary precautionary steps to prepare for complications, leaving no surprises. We conduct comprehensive examinations to diagnose any current issues affecting your dental health. After patients have undergone examinations, our highly trained hygienist conducts comprehensive cleanings to eliminate tartar buildup and ensure teeth are well maintained.

We also offer other preventive services, such as sealants and fluoride treatment, to improve your defense against issues such as cavities. Sealants protect teeth against bacteria that can get caught in the crevices and fissures of teeth. Fluoride is a necessary material in building tooth’s enamel, making it essential in bolstering your dental health.

Maintenance and Restoration

After many years of use, your smile can take a beating. It is imperative to your dental and overall health that your teeth are well-maintained to contain issues before they can spread to other areas of the mouth. Furthermore, seniors are especially at risk for developing issues due to varying factors such as medication, missing teeth, and failing restorations.

Medication can cause dry mouth, leading to cavities and decay. Missing teeth cause existing teeth to shift and the jaw bone to experience atrophy. When dental health is compromised, it becomes difficult to maintain a steady diet, thus senior patients commonly experience malnutrition as a result.

Restorations are essential in maintaining the form and function of teeth. Crowns restore damaged or treated teeth while protecting them from further decay. Procedures involving bridges or dentures replace missing teeth, up to an entire row, to completely restore the bite.

Other restorative procedures we offer include:

Root canal therapy eliminates infected tooth pulp and preserves the tooth root. This procedure is necessary to contain infection before it can spread to other areas of the mouth. A crown is used to restore and protect the tooth after it has been treated.

Extractions can be necessary for preventing advanced decay from spreading throughout the jaw bone and other teeth. This procedure is also conducted when teeth are overcrowded or erupt impacted.

Periodontal therapy is used to manage gingivitis or periodontitis and improve gum health.

Cold sore therapy using laser dentistry helps to eliminate bacteria in the mouth and prevent lesions caused by dentures and canker sores before they become an issue.

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Learn more about maintaining good dental health for a lifetime by calling or visiting our family dental practice in Spokane, WA. Dr. Von Tracy and his team of dental care providers are dedicated to helping you achieve a smile you can be proud of. Schedule your family’s consultation today!